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Good reading.

Yup, that’s pretty much what I was gettin’ at. Damn the questions, let’s build it already.

Still writing my next real post. Other stuff to do.

Also, IDG650 gyros are on sale to the public now. Self-zeroing. I’m so conflicted about exerting the effort to design a board around the IC, after hand-soldering SMD multiplexers that Sparkfun put on a breakout two weeks later. Progress being made, for those keeping track.

Also… since they don’t really show anything to convince you they aren’t vaporware on the Lumus site, they look real enough to me in this vid.

Now when can we have one, for crying out loud? Seeing through cameras sucks! Not that I don’t want the NY company to get the market (oh my goodness, I do… and I mean Vuzix), but between Lumus and Microvision…