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Facial Scanning

Oh. Facial scanning. It’s a technology, and people will use it. People use technologies. I know this one feels icky to a lot of people. Access to comprehensive databases should probably be secured… but no, it’ll be pretty tough to stop. Even just using something to crawl cached Facebook profile pictures would give you a nice chunk of people these days. How far do we want to take the sharing, or now that we’ve shared with the system, is it out of our hands?

I guess I’m not staying away from this stuff like I said I would.

So assuming it is, in fact, out of our hands, how will it be done? One scenario I can imagine would be local batch facial detection, and then upload of cropped frames (or scanned point sets, if the rig has the horsepower for it) for pattern analysis in cloud resources. With stereoscopic cameras, one might even be able to generate a decent set of data from just one set of frames. I don’t know enough about depth-mapping to say. Regardless, with a stereoscopic imaging system it shouldn’t be hard (to conceive in detail, not execute. I’m not claiming for a second that I’d know how to code it ). I like this scenario because we generate the system… if it’s gonna’ be a surveillance society, let’s make it our surveillance society. Hey, it would keep people honest. (disclaimer: this society is only designed to work under idealized circumstances and universal distribution of technology. GI/GO)

Oh wow… run everyone’s feeds into a Microsoft Photosynth system in the cloud…

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