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Ignite NYC III

So, I’m giving one of twenty 5-minute talks at Ignite NYC III. I’ll be focusing on putting my slideshow together for the next couple of days, so there probably won’t be much in the way of new content here. Come to the event. It’s free, there’s an open bar, and awesome abounds. I’ll be speaking on AR, in case you couldn’t guess. Organizers obliging, I might also be able to show a brief demo of my work. We’ll see. The format calls for slides only, though there was a homebrew gear demo involving the projector at the last one… I think… I may be wrong on that.

Date: Monday, February 23rd
Time: 6:30 pm
Venue: Mansion
Address: 530 West 28th Street (between 10th and 11th Avenues)

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