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  • http://www.curiousraven.com Robert Rice

    Ok, that sounds great, Vuzix back in the race. While I wasn’t happy with the field of view or the cosmetic design of the transparent wearables from Vuzix I did try, I was impressed that a) they worked b) were lightweight and c) they were good enough to handle the stresses of being accessible on the show floor of CES.

    I’ve got my fingers crossed. All of the people I met at Vuzix were very nice, and I really want them to succeed. A great part of the “omg wow” potential of mobile AR is going to rely on the glasses. I can’t wait until they are ready for prime time.

    :;thumbsup:: on getting in touch with Paul for the follow up Noah. Rock on.


  • ron

    I think you are being especially nice to Travers having led on the augmented reality about quantum optics for soo long.. I’m actually quite annoyed.

    • http://www.curiousraven.com Robert Rice

      Nah, just being honest. I’ve met Paul in person several times, and I’ve had hands-on experiences with the various wearables. I also met Paul at ISMAR 09 this past week. Vuzix is definitely back on the ball, and the de facto leader in the commercial/consumer space. The other companies have great technology too, but far behind Vuzix in terms of bringing that tech to the market.

      I expect to see some killer announcements from Vuzix over the next year.

    • bzerk

      That’s fair. You’re entitled to your opinion. I obviously felt led on, too, but Paul apologized, and I think it was an honest mistake. They weren’t ready to show their new design, and they didn’t take the original down. As for the so-called “quantum optics,” I never took that name for anything other than a branding gimick. All that said, Paul showed me something at ISMAR that, while not unique, proved to me that they are working in the right direction with their optical see-through display development, and that they aren’t dawdling about it.

      Lastly, in the interest of full disclosure, I should add that Vuzix has since sent me a CamAR unit to evaluate and use in my own experiments with the VR920s that I purchased some time ago. This won’t stop me from voicing any criticisms of their products though, and judging from the Wrap unit that I tried on briefly at ISMAR, I will have criticisms. Still, it’s a step in the right direction, and I know first-hand that Vuzix has some promising tech in the works, and is working harder than any of the other firms to get great head-worn display units into the hands of consumers. For that, I give them a lot of credit. They want to give us what we want, and they are working hard to be able to do so. I’m not out to crucify the best prospect we’ve got for the time being, especially after they’ve honestly acknowledged their mistake, and I think learned something from being called out on it. In the meantime, when the Wrap 920 ships, I will buy or borrow a pair, and I’ll tell you honestly what I think of it.

  • http://gigantico.squarespace.com Chris Grayson


    As I’m sure you’re aware, they carry Vuzix over at DataVision, (corner of 5th Ave. & 39th).


    They always have demo models out on display, as I’m sure they will when the Wrap 920 is released. I will try them out there, and consider buying a pair.

    I thank you for running this piece as it clarified some misunderstandings I had about the AV920 Wrap vs the 920 Wrap. Clearly there is confusion about the products, as Paul realizes.