Machine Vision

Trying out Meta's demo hardware in its current experimental state

Meta, an Ambitious AR Glasses Startup

Last night at ARNY, the New York Augmented Reality Meetup Group, there was an interesting presentation by a new startup called Meta. They’re about to launch a Kickstarter campaign for an AR glasses development kit. My first impulse was that […]

Google’s Goggles

Google’s Goggles

In case you hadn’t noticed, there has been lots of press in the past couple of days about the rumor that Google is working on a pair of HUD glasses. I don’t doubt it, but having asked a several Googlers […]

LinceoVR 3 Offers Easy Marker-Based AR for Rhino Models, Among Others.

Italian company Seac02 just released LinceoVR 3.0, which is a marker-based AR visualization package featuring advanced shadow and ambient lighting effects. Cool. I’d love to try it out with some of my girlfriend’s architectural models from Rhino, and I’ll post […]

This guy gets it.

Realtà Aumentata – Augmented Reality from soryn on Vimeo. This short, by Sorin Voicu (of Sapienza University of Rome), may rival Iron Man for best personal HUD in special effects… though there is another Terminator movie coming up. Hmmm… actually, […]

Facial Scanning

Oh. Facial scanning. It’s a technology, and people will use it. People use technologies. I know this one feels icky to a lot of people. Access to comprehensive databases should probably be secured… but no, it’ll be pretty tough to […]

First 3D OpenGL OpenFrameworks vid I’ve seen

Okay. I lied about what my next post would be. I’ll get to that. In the meantime, this is pretty. Aphex Twin -> 3D HD from andrew mahon on Vimeo. Very pretty. Beats the hell out of Processing. OpenFrameworks is […]