Augmented Reality

Is Google Glass an Augmented Reality Device?

Is Google ­Glass an Augmented Reality Device? No. But it’s close. (See the bottom of this post for a little addendum.) Augmented Reality, as a field, has been threatened with co-option of its name in the past. There may even […]

Trying out Meta's demo hardware in its current experimental state

Meta, an Ambitious AR Glasses Startup

Last night at ARNY, the New York Augmented Reality Meetup Group, there was an interesting presentation by a new startup called Meta. They’re about to launch a Kickstarter campaign for an AR glasses development kit. My first impulse was that […]

Sergey Brin on the 3 Train

Running into Sergey Brin on the Subway

Clearly today is the day I should publish my yearly blog post. I think I’ll make a two-parter, since most people coming here today are going to care mostly about my personal encounter with the co-founder of Google. Last night […]

Google’s Goggles

Google’s Goggles

In case you hadn’t noticed, there has been lots of press in the past couple of days about the rumor that Google is working on a pair of HUD glasses. I don’t doubt it, but having asked a several Googlers […]

AR Consortium, ARML Spec, Layar 3D

Lots of big AR news these days. Where to start? Well, there are two big ones today so far: Robert Rice and Mobilizy are proposing an ARML Specification for mobile AR browsers to the newly formed AR Consortium. The Consortium, […]