Sergey Brin on the 3 Train

Running into Sergey Brin on the Subway

Clearly today is the day I should publish my yearly blog post. I think I’ll make a two-parter, since most people coming here today are going to care mostly about my personal encounter with the co-founder of Google. Last night […]

Zerkin Glove!

Check out the awesome vid that Ori Inbar shot and edited for me!

Augmented Reality Roundup (some of the exciting stuff from the last few months)

So, now I’d like to do a little recap of some of the many interesting developments on the AR scene since my last post. So that’s what I’ll do 😉

First public vid of one of my gloves

There are lots of exciting things going on with marker-based AR right now. I’ll get back to covering them soon, after I’ve worked out a few kinks in my own development plan In the meantime, here’s a little look at […]

Oh Frabjous Day!

On few occasions have I been so happy to be wrong. I’m usually the first to admit it when I am, but I can’t usually claim honestly that it makes me happy to have made a mistake. Over the weekend, […]


I just rewatched World Builder on a whim and noticed that she’s in room 2048. Nice power of two, and the year tagged by Intel CTO Justin Rattner as a possible estimate for Kurzweil’s Singularity.

Y’all grok?

Not to be greedy, but a comment or two today would be nice. It’s boring musing to an empty room. =)